Dmari Von Lintel

At Home Amidst the Trees

Dmari Von Lintel is a self-taught architect, woodworker and custom furniture designer whose unique reclaimed style seamlessly combines mid-century modern influences with vintage industrial finishes.

His designs most notably make use of natural wood slabs, high-end contemporary finishes and refined metals and glass.  Each custom piece is meticulously hand-crafted in his Los Angeles workshop by a team of skilled artisans. 

Inspired by the raw, native beauty of reclaimed wood, Von Lintel is passionate about taking a tree’s natural form and turning it into functional art that can be enjoyed and shared for generations to come.  Some of his favorite species, to work with, include Black Walnut, Maple, English Windsor, Wenge, Indian Laurel, and Zebrano because of their rich history and incredible character. 

Von Lintel believes that every tree deserves a second life rather than be left in the forest to decay.  He and his four-legged companion regularly travel back to his home state of Kansas to source mature, fallen trees that are destined to become someone’s treasured keepsake.  His thoughtful, creative designs showcase the history, character, features and spirit of each tree’s humble beginnings.

A bit of a Renaissance man, Von Lintel’s passion for working with his hands began at a very young age.  He grew up in a family of esteemed builders and spent countless hours studying the various trades of concrete, framing, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, roofing, landscape and architecture.  He spent over a decade working for the family business and honing his craft. The experience, work ethic and attention to detail he learned through three generations of skilled artisans helped him successfully transition from high-end commercial and residential development to custom furniture design in 2010.

Von Lintel draws his inspiration from some of the industries most beloved designers including George Nakashima and Le Corbusier. His style continues to evolve into dynamic new forms as he pushes the envelope with his innovative process of melding molten Bronze and wood into one monolithic piece.

Over the past several years, Von Lintel has propelled his small business into a burgeoning company whose pieces can be found in the homes and showrooms of some of Hollywood’s most elite interior designers, restaurant developers, celebrities and socialites. 

When Von Lintel isn’t in his workshop, you can find him hiking the Hollywood Hills with his Italian mastiff, Seven, and volunteering in his local community.  From feeding the homeless every Saturday morning in Santa Monica to working as a Water Leader for Life Rolls On — an organization that assists disabled children and adults get out and surf – Von Lintel is passionate about giving back and helping others.